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Home Maintenance Services in Dubai area....

24/7 emergency service

We are a leading maintenance company in Dubai. We are 24/7 ready to sort out your emergency home maintenance services. We are waiting for your call.

Advanced Tools

We advanced diagnostic tools to find out your electrical, and plumbing issues. We have all the British tools to solve your problems.

Expert Technician Team

Reem Al Sahra has a highly skilled professional team to solve your home maintenance problems.


Best Maintenance Services Provider in Dubai

Dubai is a luxurious city in the world. In this luxurious city, we are providing the best home maintenance services for your house, villa, apartment also your commercial spaces in Dubai. We have skilled and professional electricians, plumbers, and technicians to solve your home maintenance issues. If you need any kind of installation and repair issues like electric problems, plumbing services, masonry work, tiles fixing, AC installation and repair, or home remodeling services we are available to everything sort out. We are ready to fix your home maintenance issues with a wide range of affordable repairs & installation with our expert technician team. We have advanced tools to identify your maintenance problems from the root. To get free estimates feel free to contact us.

We are UAE’s leading home maintenance services company in Dubai

Home Maintenance Services in Dubai

Our Feature Home Maintenance Services in Dubai

We are providing the best home maintenance services in Dubai. Our main services are home maintenance services, office maintenance services & home remodeling or renovation.


We cover all kinds of AC repairs & installation services. We have an expert team for AC repair, AC servicing, AC cleaning, and maintenance.

AC Installation & Maintenance

With highly qualified plumbers always ready to solve your plumbing repair & installation.

Plumbing Services

Reem Al Sahra provides expert electrician to fix your electrical services issues.

Electrical Services

We provide painting services for your villa, apartment & commercial spaces.

We are providing all kinds of masonry work for your commercial, residential new, or existing building.

Masonry Work

Home remodeling or renovation is one of our feature services. We have an expert team to remodel your bedroom, kitchen room, and dining area.

Home Remodeling


Property & Home Maintenance Services

Dubai has lots of maintenance companies, we are the leading home maintenance services company in Dubai. Our featured services are AC repair & installation, electrical, plumbing, handyman, home improvement, painting, tile fixing services, and more.

We cover all your need

Need any service? Just contact us by email, phone, or WhatsApp.

Maintenance Charges

We provide affordable maintenance charges to fix your maintenance issues.

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